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Blue Water

Markem Catchem's Gear

At Markem Catchem we believe quality gear leads to quality trips. New for Fall of 2022 will be a brand new 2023 Warrior V238. This spacious layout will allow guests space to fight fish and not be bumping into each other, while providing me the space to store anything we need to land that trophy fish. While landing the fish is the goal, we didn't stop there. There were no compromises on safety either.

To bring you home with Dinner and memories:

Warrior V238

Mercury 400 Verado

Mercury 15 EFI Kicker

Livescope + Mega 360

20+ Rods

Enough tackle to last a lifetime.

To bring you home and share the memories:

6 Adult PFD w/ ACR Lighting 

2 Youth PFD w/ ACR Lighting

ACR Flare Probe

ACR EPIRB - Linked to USCG

iCom VHF Radio w/ GPS Linked to USCG

Waterproof First Aid w/ Slings, tourniquets and hook cutting pliers

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