Why Trust us?

We love supplying the fishing community with the best technology on the market today. Let us put it to work for you with our boat rigging and installation services. When your boat leaves our shop you can trust that when you get it on the water your new electronics are performing their best.

When we have down time between charters and installs, we're testing new gear on our boat. We push the limits of what these electronics can do. We find settings no one else knows about, much less uses. Once we master them, we package them up into an easy to digest tech tip to our clients.


Our Pricing is simple:

$250 for the first two hours, $100/hour thereafter.


We only use quality materials. 316 Stainless, tinned copper,. Quality Ancor, Blue Sea, Seaview installation accessories used.

Installation Methods

One fast way to get into trouble working on boats is with powerful tools. We take pride in the quality and non stripped threads, we utilize hand tools when tightening most things down. We have a few other proprietary methods that save time and money for our customers.

We're mariners too

Everyone that works on our boats is in the marine community in some capacity. We know that you might only get a couple times a year to get out on your boat, and we ensure that our work makes every trip relaxing, not stressful.