36V 50Ah Trolling Battery Bluetooth "Iron Horse"

Style: Non Heated
Sale price$1,049.00


Cold weather? No Heated garage? No problem! We now have a self heated option available! 

This battery is bluetooth which means you can see how charged the battery is right from your phone! Are you looking for a lightweight battery to power your 36V trolling motor? Well look no further this is it! Weighing in at only 34 lbs, this ONE battery can replace THREE regular marine gel/acid batteries! Not only will it save you room but it also shaves off an estimated 150lbs or more! The MML-3650BT battery is in a group 31 case so it will fit right where your old batteries previously sat! Built with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology this battery has twice the power, a fraction of the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery.

If you're fishing heavy current and needing extra capacity or just simply want the extra juice another 36v battery can be wired in parallel (positive to positive & negative to negative) to increase the amp hour capacity to 100Ah! Installation is as easy as attaching the main positive of the trolling motor to the positive post of the battery and the main negative of the trolling motor to the negative post of the battery. Very simple plug and play!


34 lbs (16.7Kg). 50% lighter than 1 SLA battery!

Size Dimensions:

L 13 in (330mm) x W 6.77in (172mm)  x H 8.5 in (228mm)




1920 Watts (Wh)



Charge Volts:

Max charge current 50A

Continous Discharge Amps:

100A max


M8 stainless bolt

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