Digital 20' Rg8x W/mini Uhf Female & Mini Uhf Double Male

Sale price$101.66


Digital Antenna 20' Extension Cable for 500 Series VHF Antennas

Model: C118-20
  • Digital Antennas exclusive low loss, tinned braid, foil shielded, UV stable RG-8X marine cable
  • Factory attached mini-UHF female and mini-UHF female connectors
  • DA624 mini-UHF double male adapter

An easy solution to extending the cable on Digital Antenna’s 500 series VHF and AIS antennas by 20'. Simply connect the included double mini-UHF male adapter between the 500 series antenna’s mini-UHF female connector and the 500 series extension cable’s mini-UHF female connector. The cable’s other end accepts the 500 series antenna’s PL-259 adapter.

What's in the Box:
  • 20' Lowloss cable with Mini UHF Females
  • DA624 mini-UHF double male adapter

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