Garmin Gmr426 Xhd2 4kw 6' Open Array Network Radar

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Garmin GMR™ 426 Xhd2 Open Array Radar and Pedestal

6-foot Open Array Radar with 4 kW of Power

Model: K10-00012-23
  • 4 kW high-definition radar with 6-foot open array
  • The 1.1-degree horizontal beamwidth provides a high-resolution image and high antenna gain to pick out targets at a distance, while 8-bit true color imagery enhances target separation.
  • This open-array radar delivers 4-kW transmit power and clear echo definition at all ranges. It has rotation speeds of 24 and 48 RPM with a max range scale of 72 nautical miles.
  • This radar doesn’t have any complex user settings to deal with, so it’s easy to install and start using.
  • Quiet rotation and reliable operation

The GMR 426 xHD2 4 kW high-definition 6-foot open-array radar is designed for serious seafarers of larger yachts and sport fishing boats that are most likely under 40-feet. The GMR 426 xHD2 is the open array you need to get the features you want. It’s capable of excellent sensitivity and consistent target positioning, making it perfect for cruising and fishing offshore, overnight and in foggy, limited or no visibility conditions.

High-power xHD2 Radar with Narrow 1.1 Degree Beam
This high-definition 4 kW radar has the power to deliver excellent range, up to 72 nautical miles, even in fog or rain. Its narrow 1.1 degree horizontal beamwidth picks out targets well off in the distance. It paints a clear image of the shoreline, other vessels, and impending weather on your Garmin chartplotter. You get consistent target positions, excellent target separation and reliable operation. Its 8-bit true color imagery also helps you discriminate large targets from small ones and enhances target separation. Rotation speeds of 24 and 48 rpm with a max range scale of 72 nautical miles

Water Resistence Rating IPX6
Rotation Speed 24 and 48RPM
Transmit Power 4kW
Beam Width 1.1° horizontal, 23° vertical
Range 72 nm
Minimum Range 20m
MARPA Yes, Requires Optional Heading Sensor
Radar Overlay yes
Dual Range Support Yes
Sea Filter yes
No Transmit Zone Yes
Guard Zone Alarm Yes
Bird Mode Yes
Dual Active Radar Yes
Echo Trails Yes
Input Voltage 10-32V
Dimensions 4' array: 52.25"" x 5"" x 6.75"" (132.7 x 12.7 x 17.1 cm)

Pedestal: 20.5"" x 12.75"" x 12.5"" (52 x 32.4 x 31.8 cm)

What's in the Box:
  • 4 kW Pedestal 010-01333-00
  • 6' Antenna 010-01333-04
  • 15m power cable
  • 15m NetworkCable

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