Maretron Pressure Snubber

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The Maretron PT-SNUB-01 Pressure Snubber is used in combination with the Maretron FPM100 Fluid Pressure Monitor and a pressure transducer FPM100 accessory. The PT-SNUB-01 dampens pressure variations between a pressure source and the pressure transducer, both smoothing the changes due to pressure spikes and surges and protecting the pressure transducer from these changes. Please follow these instructions to install the PT-SNUB-01 Pressure Snubber between a Maretron FPM100 pressure transducer accessory and a tank or pressure source being monitored.

Pressure Snubber Specifications Specification


Housing Material

303 Stainless Steel

Filter Disc

316 Stainless Steel

Max Pressure Rating

15,000 PSI (1,034 bar)

Max Pore Opening


Flow at 1 PSI (69 mbar) Differential Pressure

3.0 ft3/hr (0.085m/hr)


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