Minn Kota Mk3 Dc Alternator Charger 3 Bank 30 Amp

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Minn Kota MK 3 DC Alternator On-board Charger

Model: 1821033
UPC: 029402031801
  • Charge on the fly technology
  • Battery protection
  • LED display
  • Waterproof construction

Charge-on-the-fly Technology
Alternator chargers boost your trolling batteries while on the water. They take excess power from the outboard's alternator and deliver it to your trolling batteries to extend run times, decrease on-shore charge times and increase battery life.

Battery Protection
Frequent deep discharges can damage your battery over time. With the boost you get from an Alternator charger, you avoid those deep discharges - in addition to shortening charge times and extending battery life.

LED Display
LED indicators display power-on, charging and check connection.

Waterproof Construction
All of our on-board chargers are built tough, with waterproof, shock-resistant and vibration-resistant rugged construction. Plus, they’re saltwater-tested to fully combat corrosion.

3-Year Replacement Warranty
We stand behind every on-board battery charger with a full three-year replacement warranty.

Banks 3
Output per bank 10 Amps
Total output 30 Amps
Dimensions 14-1/4"" x 7-1/4"" x 3-1/2""

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