Th Marine Atlas 8"" Jack Plate Standard Hydraulic Black Anodized

Sale price$1,652.77


TH Marine Atlas 8"" Jack Plate

Model: AHJ-8V-B-DP

The Atlas revolutionary design meets the demands of today's high performance outboards. The one piece design, featuring the innovative Rod and Slot lifting system, will handle the stresses from the heaviest and most powerful outboards, up to 300 HP or 625 pounds, on the market today.

All of the hydraulics are built into the jack eliminating the necessity of installing pumps and reservoirs inside the transom. The all new hydraulic unit is fast too..lifting from bottom to top in 8 seconds!

Setback 8""
Hydraulic Rise 5.75""
Total Rise 8.25"" - 9.75""
Weight Limit 625 lbs
HP 300 max

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